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Acts 435 is a website that directly links those wanting to give with those needing their help. This happens simply through online giving, with the church and local charities providing a physical, face-to-face meeting point where church and charity volunteers, called advocates, meet with those in need and post these needs on the Acts 435 website. Once the money is raised, the advocate will ensure the money is spent on the item requested, such as school shoes, a replacement washing machine, or help with a particular bill.

Who you will be helping

Money raised through Music for Mission will go to the most urgent requests. Recently this has been for people who have lost everything in the Boxing Day 2015 floods, but at the time of receipt of the funds, it will depend on where the need is greatest. Wouldn’t it be great to meet 10 such requests?

Acts 435 deals with a huge variety of requests. We help pay rent deposits and debt relief to enable someone to stop sleeping rough or so they can make a fresh start. We can provide a family with a fridge so that they can store fresh food and also shop more economically. We also help buy interview clothes for a young offender out of prison trying to get work or a school uniform that fits so a child can walk with pride supply debt relief order fee so that someone can make a fresh start.

Spread the word

We are always looking for new churches to get involved and be able to post requests for those in need in their local community, so do spread the word.

100% of what is donated via Acts 435 goes directly to those in need. Acts 435 Advocates can post requests up to £120 and so they are small grants with a focus on where that amount can make a significant difference.

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Sign up to Music4Mission’s monthly music collection and £7.50 will go directly to Acts 435.

Your money can enable us to help a homeless person pay a rent deposit or provide a family with clothing and furniture.