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BEATS (British Earthquake And Tsunami Support) is a small charity which has been helping victims of earthquakes and tsunamis since the Boxing Day 2004 tsunami. We provide help principally in Indonesia, and largely through sponsorship of children, students and teachers, and one-off grants, in order to help people get themselves out of poverty. BEATS is operated by Christians and supports two Christian orphanages and also Muslims within their family situation.

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One of BEATS fundraising projects in South East Asia for the YACAN Orphanage. YACAN means ‘The Father Loves the Children of South East Asia’ and is a small home for 34 children. The majority are orphans.Their people carrier, which they use to transport children to and from school, is over 20 years old and frequently breaks down. A new vehicle will cost about £10,000 so BEATS are helping to raise funds to help ensure that the children can have continued access to education. By choosing BEATS, your monthly Music 4Mission donation of £7.50 will help drive our fundraising target towards buying a new vehicle.

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The people – and particularly children – of South East Asia are still recovering from the devastating effects of the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004. Find out more about how BEATS is helping to provide hope and support and watch our video for what it means to the YACAN orphanage.

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Your money can help BEATS buy a new people carrier which will give survivors of tsunamis access to education and a more positive future.