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Circle works at the heart of communities across Scotland, supporting vulnerable families affected by parental substance misuse and parental imprisonment. The charity’s purpose is to improve the lives of children by strengthening families. In the most challenging circumstances, we build trusted relationships and provide persistent, positive support. Our expertise and belief in a family’s capacity to change, have earned us the reputation of delivering long-term results for our children.

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Within Scotland, we are highly regarded for pioneering a range of early years and family support services that promote children’s healthy development and potential. Circle’s Inter School Social Education Project (ISSEP) is for children who may be finding school challenging, may be struggling socially or at home, or more generally may benefit from the consistency of a weekly project and role model. The primary-aged children who attend ISSEP are supported by volunteer mentors who are 5th/6th year students. In order to do this, we need to fundraise. The students themselves have helped fundraise in previous years, taking part in things like sleep-ins.

The students provide consistent 1:1 mentoring, one afternoon per week for the entire school year. We facilitate a range of activities including support with homework, arts and crafts, cooking and baking, as well as outdoor physical activities. Money is used to fund Easter and Summer outings for the families we support across all our projects and to run a host of Christmas parties.

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