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Comfort Rwanda and Congo supports ex-child soldiers who were abducted or kidnapped and have now returned home. We are raising money to help develop a place for these children to live near to the school and also help with their school fees and basic needs. We work with Rwandan partners to provide counseling and fellowship, and we offer practical support – housing, education, sponsorship, food and cash crops, livestock, income generation and skills training, and integrated community development.

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In 2008 the charity became aware of the tragic situation over the border in DR Congo. In North Kivu children are abducted from school or carried away when their villages have been attacked. Boys become child soldiers and girls become sex-slaves. Those who escape often have no surviving family, no home, no work, no hope; just the deep trauma of their tragic lives. Dozens have come to our partners Comfort Congo looking for help. Around 50 now attend Mbula school or an income generating project both run by Comfort Congo.

Comfort Congo with the help of Comfort Rwanda & Congo has recently purchased some land in the area for the Children of Liberty project. There is one small building on the land which accommodates 17 of the boys but there are many more children in need of accommodation, food and education. We want to upgrade the existing building and build further accommodation on the site. We also want to support their education, create a small farm and develop income generating projects to bring stability and sustainability to the project.

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I was taken by force by this rebel group and spent 3 years in the forest fighting wars and looting and raping. The hard labour and suffering I went through meant that I fled when I had the chance. Now we have the hope of living as we were meant to live, thanks to the care and ministry of Comfort Congo and both hope and the joy of living are being restored to us. We say a heartfelt thank you to Comfort Congo.


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Your money can help children who have been abducted and escaped imprisonment to live again by providing for their basic needs and school fees.