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Hand In Hand is a charity with the stated aims of relieving poverty, suffering and distress among the people of the world and promoting Christian education and evangelism. We aim to reach these goals by forming partnerships with existing local groups and supporting their financial, spiritual and practical needs through small well focused projects.

Who you will be helping

On a recent trip to Zimbabwe Hand in Hand Foundation Worldwide trustees were able to visit a community project recently started by local Christians in the Hwange District of Zimbabwe. One of the overall aims of this group is to provide a children’s home where orphaned and destitute children being cared for in the community can be better looked after. The group who call themselves the Blessed Orphanage and Vulnerable Children’s Trust have already achieved trust status in Zimbabwe and are in the process of forming a charity. At this early stage they have already compiled a list of Children in the area with their needs and established good relations with the chief of the tribe and local community.

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We are hoping to raise £2,000 for the Children’s home and would like to encourage and support the efforts of the Trust by helping to establish a borehole which will be beneficial to the local community and the children currently being cared for who only have access to a single source of water.


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Sign up to Music4Mission’s monthly music collection and £7.50 will go directly to Hand In Hand. Your money can provide safe drinking water for a community including the orphans and destitute children helped by the Trust.