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Operation Mobilisation is a mission movement of over 6,000 workers in 113 countries, and on our Ship Logos Hope, focused on bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to the poor in order to transform lives and communities. We do this through a variety of ways including evangelism, church planting, relief and development, social justice and leadership development.

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Dalits number around 300 million which is approximately one quarter of India’s population, and are often known as the ‘Untouchables’. For centuries they have been made to feel completely worthless and treated as sub-human because they fall outside of the rigid caste system. Despite discrimination being made illegal, the voice of the Dalit people is not heard in Indian society, they are, largely, uneducated and restricted to performing the most menial and degrading jobs within the economy. Because of their poverty, Dalit children are particularly vulnerable to being trafficked into forced labour and the sex industry. It is estimated that between 30-40% of children would be trafficked in some form if they are not in school.

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OM has established 107 Good Shepherd Schools across India, providing a high quality English medium education to over 26,000 children. Through education we are helping prevent the trafficking of children, enabling families to break free for generations of poverty and oppression and empowering children to achieve their true potential in life.

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Sign up to Music4Mission’s monthly music collection and £7.50 will go directly to Operation Mobilisation. You can help provide an education for thousands of ‘untouchables’ in India and protect them from human trafficking.