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The Attic is a Dundee Charity that has worked with kids, young people and families for over 17 years. We are currently located in Kirkton, one of the bigger housing estates in Dundee. Our community base, ‘The Attic Lounge’ is a space to connect and build community with local families. We work from the premise that ‘People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care’. At the heart of  our goal is to see healthy whole families that have hope and a passion for life.

Who you will be helping

As a Christian charity The Attic believes God values and has a plan for everyone. We see our role as connecting with people, building community and pointing people towards God. Our hope is that they will find that intimate relationship with God that Jesus talks about. We provide everything from kids clubs, youth work, home visits, family get-togethers, community lunch, community garden to name a few.

The Attic’s goal is to change the layout of our building to create a better, more usable space. We have just put in for planning permission for building work with an estimated cost of £12,000. By contributing through Music4Mission you can help us to connect two rooms which will create a larger community space for events, café nights, youth work and church gatherings. We will still be able to partition space off for smaller events and community group use.

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Please visit The Attic’s website or on Facebook to find out more about what we do and how you can help us fulfil our role to connect with people in Dundee, building community and pointing people towards God.963781_373050149473056_1167446038_o-3

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Your money can help us connect and build a community with families in Dundee, to make them know how much you care.