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New Scottish Arts

This 10-track album of original songs featuring vocals from several well-known figures in Scottish Christian music like Yvonne and David Lyon, Steph Macleod and Lins Honeyman covers themes that reflect the desperation of modern day believers in the worldwide Church as well as their hope in a faithful and unchanging God.

“O Wounded Church Arise” expresses the hopes and desires of partner organisation Open Doors and their supporters, with choral harmonies and Pete Harvey’s cello solo adding depth and feeling to the message that Christ’s “wounds have power to heal.” Yvonne and David Lyon’s co-written composition “Hope” showcases Yvonne’s beautiful singing and piano playing and highlights the hurts and the hopes of persecuted Christians. Seonaid Aitken’s fiddle playing creates atmosphere on “Let Your Love Enfold” as Steph Macleod sings “I trust you God/Where else can I go?”

The album’s opener “I Will Hope” is the standout track with accordion, guitars, percussion and fiddle combining in a rousing anthem that sums up the predicament posed in many of the album’s tracks, but also the necessary stance for the true believer. This album is the perfect companion for those of us who are committed to praying for the persecuted Church.

For Download this month we have the album “Songs of Hope” by New Scottish Arts.

New Scottish Arts
Chaos Curb Collaboration

Chaos Curb Collaboration

When the Bournemouth-based collective fronted by singer/songwriter Dave Griffiths released their self-titled debut album in 2012 I for one was hugely impressed with a project which didn’t follow the predictable formulaic path of much modern worship but sought to find creative new ways of expressing worship and adoration of our God. But nothing quite prepared me for this album.

I’ve delayed reviewing it to simply see whether the effect it had on me on initial play would continue as familiarity grew. It has. There are two tracks which for me seem to carry the very presence of God. The first, the opener “Immersion”, was, musically, a huge surprise. Having heard that the ‘Everywhere’ album would contain a lot more electronic music influences than the collective’s debut still hadn’t quite prepared me for a five minute long techno instrumental which is an enveloping soundscape which seems to take the listener on a spiritual journey.

Equally captivating was the title track, a song built on two stark statements – “Everywhere I go I try and find you” and “Everywhere I look I try and see you” – over Dave’s stark piano chords. It builds and builds into a haunting refrain which again is permeated with God’s presence. Throughout the programming by David Evans, Marc James’ delicious slide guitar on “Represent” and Dave’s passionate vocals all play their part in delivering what is for me one of the finest albums I’ve ever heard.

For download this month we have the Album “Everywhere” from Chaos Curb Collaboration.


Someone recently said that rock music was dead. After listening to this latest offering from Superhero I can officially declare, long live Rock! The band take inspiration from the modern rock bands of this time, Kings of Leon, Kasabian, The Vaccines, Foo Fighters, Beady Eye etc etc – yes I know it’s easy for me to compare Superhero with these guitar based bands, yet at the same time they also take inspiration from the older classic rock bands and I’m sure once you have a listen you will hear the bands influences oozing throughout.

What you can’t get away from is that this is actually still a very Superhero sounding album, but with a newer, more mature, grown up sound. They have always been witty with their lyrics and this album is no different.

Have Superhero produced their best collection of songs to date? Yes they have. This is a band at their best.

For Download this month we have the album “Things we need for the journey” by Superhero.

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