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Allan McKinlay

Allan McKinlay is a well known and loved worship leader & singer/songwriter based in Scotland.

Church Without Walls, “Nothing Hidden” by Allan McKinlay

He is married to Naomi and they have 2 children. Allan has been a full time worship leader since 2007 and travels extensively throughout the UK and further afield leading worship at many different churches, events & conferences, most recently supporting Martin Smith.

He has toured in association with many charities including Tearfund and Open Doors. He is also currently the Director of Worship at CLAN Gathering (New Wine Scotland). Allan has a passion for the presence of the Lord and his heart is to gather, lead & inspire people to pursue intimacy with God and to be free, passionate, creative & authentic worshipers.

For Download this month we have the album “Nothing Hidden” by Allan McKinlay.

allan mckinlay
divine attraction

Divine Attraction

Divine Attraction started in Los Angeles, CA when lead singer and guitarist Cory Simon started getting the writing-bug. After years of circling through musicians as well as instruments (Cory began as the lead singer on drums), the band was thrust into a solid 3 piece with Brian Bothwell on drums and Alex Becerra on bass. Between diverse Gospel roots, a love for all things spacey, and a goal to push genre boundaries, a signature sound started to form.

Captivated, “Let it Rise” by Divine Attraction

For download this month we have the LP “Let it Rise” from Divine Attraction.


A husband, a father to 3 daughters, and a follower of Jesus. Marc aka ‘MPfree’ uses music to spread the gospel.

“Hip hop is more than music, it’s a lifestyle.”

A comment that’s made often, but do we take it seriously?
The impact of music in someone’s life can make a significant difference in how they dress, walk, talk, act, there social circle, and possibly there work environment.

It was hip-hop/gangsta rap that captured MPFree from a young age of 13. Growing into an artist, he uses his skills to infuse hip-hop beats with superb lyrical content to impact the minds of the listeners.

Constantly perfecting his craft, he has performed in schools, clubs, prisons, and performed at local and national concerts and festivals in Europe.

For download this month we have debut EP “Battle” from UK rapper Mpfree. A mix of slick rhymes, banging beats and heavy guitar rifts. Plus two singles: “Offensive” and “Ridiculous” (feat. Ruslan, R Swift & Bumps Inf).